Mozkito is a open-source mining project inviting other researchers, developers, and users to contribute. There exist multiple ways to contribute to Mozkito. Below your find the most frequent ways to contribute but please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for different kinds of involvements.

Reporting Bugs

As any other software project, Mozkito will contain defects and bugs. We are keen to deliver a quality code but as data miners crawling through bug data sets we are also aware that software contains bugs. If you detect any unexpected behavior or unexpected result, if you encounter a crash, or simply want to comment on Mozkito, please use our Jira bug tracker to do so.
When mozkito crashes it provides some important information and a description of how to submit a bug report and which information should be provided. Please consider using this information to submit even better bug reports. Thank you!

Contributing Tests

We are also in a constant need of test cases and test scenarios. If you submit a bug report, please consider to include some kind of test case or test scenario that not only helps us to reproduce the reported issue but also to include that test into our test suite.
But even if you have not yet found a bug, you may have an interesting problem or data set at hand that may be interesting to test mozkito on. Please do not hesitate to contact us. If you even plan to contribute a full fledge test including code, please proceed to the contributing code section.

Contributing Code

Once you decide to even contribute code to Mozkito, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will setup a user account that can push into our repository branch structure. If you already have such an account, then please feel free to clone the assigned repository branch and work on it. If you want to use a graphical user interface to look at the branch structures assigned to you, please login here.

Build Status

If you fetch your code from repositories you can monitor build and test status information from our continuous integration server.