Research, Publications, and Datasets

The goal of the Mozkito projects is to provide a platform to share and communicate ideas, techniques, approaches, reproduction, and datasets for software repository miners. In this section, we collect a set of research projects, publications, and datasets based on Mozkito or eventually integrated into Mozkito. Most built in modules of Mozkito represent a research project that resulted or contributed to publications.

How to contribute?

If you used Mozkito for your research or work and want to be mentioned in this section then feel free contact us and we are more than happy to extend the showcase of the Mozkito community.


To ensure that a research study can be replicated and thus verified not only requires the steps to reproduce but often also the input. Thus, we are also looking forward to collect datasets to be shared in the community. Sharing does not necessarily mean giving the control of the dataset out of hand. We are also happy to announce data sets but to redirect for access (e.g. PROMISE repository or personal webpages).


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