Replicating MSR

Robles, Gregorio. 2010. “Replicating MSR: A Study of the Potential Replicability of Papers Published in the Mining Software Repositories Proceedings.” In 2010 7th IEEE Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR 2010), 171–180. IEEE.

We have analyzed the papers that contained any experimental analysis of software projects for their potentiality of being replicated.
In this regard, three main issues have been addressed: i) the public availability of the data used as case study, ii) the public availability of the processed dataset used by researchers and iii)
the public availability of the tools and scripts. A total number of 171 papers have been analyzed from the six workshops/working conferences up to date. Results show that MSR authors use
in general publicly available data sources, mainly from free software repositories, but that the amount of publicly available processed datasets is very low.